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China versus The United States

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There is no competition.

China won over a decade ago.

Now it is increasing its lead over the US.

In leaps and bounds.

Soon, everything in China will be much better than in the US.

No one in The United States believes this.

And that is one reason it happened.

China has been improving its nation for decades.

In the US, people are fighting over the remains of a dead carcass like hyenas.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

I want mine, I want mine.

Everyone has the right to everything; whether they work for it or just lay around.

Government is supposed to do everything for everybody; no one has to work.

Free stuff for everyone.

The Chinese are working.

People in the US are looking for convenience and easy; how to avoid working.

Do not believe it?

Most everything you buy comes from China; especially contaminated products.

Trump is on the right path with his trade war; but he does not go far enough.

Just another reason to hate Trump.

If Trump is right(and he is), then those against him have to be anti-American.

Good-bye America; hello third world country.

China, the supreme nation.

It is all but over.

Well almost.

One small chance.


Restore America.

Values of the Founding Fathers.

Build a better nation.

Through intelligence, honor and work.

All the solutions are available.

Just not the ones lowqual freeloaders want.




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The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

Bye, Bye American Dream

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It was in 1931 that the historian James Truslow Adams coined the phrase “the American Dream.” Yet today the American dream has derailed, because of stupidity, corruption and the loss of American values.

Or maybe an American dream facsimile is more likely to be found in Canada or Europe. Canadians receive essentially free health care, while Americans pay for part of their health care costs with after-tax dollars. Meanwhile, the American worker toils, on average, 4.6 percent more hours than a Canadian worker, 21 percent more hours than a French worker and an astonishing 28 percent more hours than a German worker, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Canadians and Europeans also live longer, on average, than Americans do. Their children are less likely to die than ours. American women are twice as likely to die as a result of pregnancy or childbirth as Canadian women. Most sobering of all: A recent O.E.C.D. report found that for people aged 16 to 24, Americans ranked last among rich countries in numeracy and technological proficiency.

Instead of being different and better, the people in the United States decided to be like the rest of the world and killed the American dream.



The facts no one wants to read.

If the facts make you mad, it could be the truth hurts.

Economic Battle Between The United States and China

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The battle for economic supremacy between China and the U.S. is over.

Has been for quite some time.

Easy victory for China.

Only question is how bad the beating going to be?

China is determined to be the only super power.

How weak does China want The United States to be?

Totally destroyed?

Likely scenario.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

October 3, 2015 at 11:46 pm

Economy Being Killed

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This Is Why There Are No Jobs in America
By Porter Stansberry

Here’s the deal. You’re going to start a business or expand the one you’ve got now. It doesn’t really matter what you do or what you’re going to do. I’ll partner with you no matter what business you’re in – as long as it’s legal.

But I can’t give you any capital – you have to come up with that on your own. I won’t give you any labor – that’s definitely up to you. What I will do, however, is demand you follow all sorts of rules about what products and services you can offer, how much (and how often) you pay your employees, and where and when you’re allowed to operate your business. That’s my role in the affair: to tell you what to do.

Now in return for my rules, I’m going to take roughly half of whatever you make in the business each year. Half seems fair, doesn’t it? I think so. Of course, that’s half of your profits.

You’re also going to have to pay me about 12% of whatever you decide to pay your employees because you’ve got to cover my expenses for promulgating all of the rules about who you can employ, when, where, and how. Come on, you’re my partner. It’s only “fair.”

Now… after you’ve put your hard-earned savings at risk to start this business, and after you’ve worked hard at it for a few decades (paying me my 50% or a bit more along the way each year), you might decide you’d like to cash out – to finally live the good life.

Whether or not this is “fair” – some people never can afford to retire – is a different argument. As your partner, I’m happy for you to sell whenever you’d like… because our agreement says, if you sell, you have to pay me an additional 20% of whatever the capitalized value of the business is at that time.

I know… I know… you put up all the original capital. You took all the risks. You put in all of the labor. That’s all true. But I’ve done my part, too. I’ve collected 50% of the profits each year. And I’ve always come up with more rules for you to follow each year. Therefore, I deserve another, final 20% slice of the business.

Oh… and one more thing…

Even after you’ve sold the business and paid all of my fees… I’d recommend buying lots of life insurance. You see, even after you’ve been retired for years, when you die, you’ll have to pay me 50% of whatever your estate is worth.

After all, I’ve got lots of partners and not all of them are as successful as you and your family. We don’t think it’s “fair” for your kids to have such a big advantage. But if you buy enough life insurance, you can finance this expense for your children.

All in all, if you’re a very successful entrepreneur… if you’re one of the rare, lucky, and hard-working people who can create a new company, employ lots of people, and satisfy the public… you’ll end up paying me more than 75% of your income over your life. Thanks so much.

I’m sure you’ll think my offer is reasonable and happily partner with me… but it doesn’t really matter how you feel about it because if you ever try to stiff me – or cheat me on any of my fees or rules – I’ll break down your door in the middle of the night, threaten you and your family with heavy, automatic weapons, and throw you in jail.

That’s how civil society is supposed to work, right? This is “Amerika,” isn’t it?

That’s the offer Amerika gives its entrepreneurs. And the idiots in Washington wonder why there are no new jobs…


Porter Stansberry



Freeloaders, lowquals and special interest groups do not care.

They get their handouts no matter what.

Maybe everybody should turn to the government for handouts.

Stop starting businesses or having a job.

Just live on handouts.

Want a real America?

It is there if Americans will take action.

Any real, true Americans out there?



The facts no one wants to read.

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Decline of Good American Jobs

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Looking  through historical records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment data from two periods: the peak just before the global financial crisis in 2007 to 2008, and as of May 2015.

In short:

—  loss of more than 200,000 jobs in Computer/Electronics with an average pay exceeding $71,300 a year, but added 265,000 jobs in Temporary Help paying $29,800 a year

—  loss of 1.4 million manufacturing jobs paying more than $53,000 a year, but added 1.4 million jobs in Food Services & Drinking Places that pay $17,000 a year

—  loss of 949,000 jobs in Durable Goods paying more than $56,700, but added more than 950,000 jobs in Social Assistance paying $28,340

—  loss a combined 343,000 jobs in Telecom and Publishing paying between $63,000 and nearly $77,000 annually, but added 332,000 in Home Health Care Services that pay $27,500

BLS data is littered with many more examples, all underscoring the same message.

High-paying jobs traded for low-paying jobs.

So what if you’re creating 200,000-plus jobs a month? If the jobs you’re creating pay one-third to one-half to one-quarter the pay of jobs the economy has lost, so what? The jobs u-bam-a’s economy is generating are incapable of fueling or maintaining the middle class.

Bye-bye middle class.

No middle class in a third world nation.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

July 25, 2015 at 8:43 pm

Update: United States Economy

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—  More unhappy part-timers/high-paying jobs being replace with low-paying menial labor

—  70 Million Americans Teetering on the Edge of Financial Ruin
(One in three adults Americans — 33% of us — have not a dime of emergency savings to fall back on.)

—  Most Americans Pessimistic About Chances at Staying Middle Class

—  California Senate Approves Another Minimum Wage Hike(California lawmakers have legislated another pay raise for minimum wage workers, this time to $13 an hour by 2017, or $27,000 a year to flip hamburgers or run a cash register and such.)

—  Consumer Inflation Sees Biggest Gain in Two Years(May inflation rose 0.4%, an annualized rate of 4.8%. It was the largest increase since February 2013.  This is the government’s number; the real rate is much higher.)

Welcome to the your third world economy.

It will be worse for your children.

Democrats and Republicans politicians bring you more of the same.

When will people in the United States wake up?

Denial and stupidity alive in third world united states.



The facts no one wants to read.

Comments and referrals to this blog would be greatly appreciated.

Written by solutions777

July 19, 2015 at 4:32 am

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