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Government Waste

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Government wastes trillions of dollars each and every year.

All of it from corruption and/or incompetence.

Corruption in the form of vote buying, bribery, and handouts.

Incompetence in the form of lack of efficiency and efficacy, low productivity, and poor management.

There are hundreds of unnecessary programs; they provide no benefit to Americans; most are part of the corruption.

Most of these programs are solely for the benefit of special interest groups.

Government waste

—  harms the economy

—  lowers Americans’ quality of life

—  leads to more corruption and incompetence

—  distorts information on the status of the nation

—  take the focus from important issues

—  falsely verifies the tenet that more money spent on something will solve the problem

Nations do not need big government for their citizens to have a high quality of life.

Nor to they need to spends billions of dollars.

The United States has two major needs for additional funding

—  paying down the national debt

—  adding to the Social Security and Medicare Trust funds

Putting money into them would be better than than the current corrupt and incompetent spending.


Future posts will provide guidance on programs that are

—  worthless or worse harmful

—  inefficient

—  are only for special interest groups

—  corrupt


The phrase “it is only” a small amount of money is extremely stupid.

Saving even a few millions significantly improves America.



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