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Party Tenet — Right of Privacy

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Citizens should have the Right of Privacy.

Privacy from

—  government

—  all organizations

—  other individuals

Without due process(court order) no entity or individual should be allowed to snoop into your affairs.

No one should be coerced into a release of their privacy; anyone wanting permission for private information must give a valid reason.

Businesses should not be allowed to withhold goods or services(even if free) for access to private information without a valid reason.

Government authorities should be strictly accountable for any intrusion into an individual’s private affairs.

The law should heavily favor the individual in all instances:

—  government must provide strict proof of its need to know

—  organizations and individuals must show the necessity of access to the private information requested in a release

—  there should be severe punishment for even minor violations of the law

Individual privacy is just as important as “life and liberty”; for without privacy there can be no life or liberty.






Written by solutions777

October 31, 2014 at 10:39 pm

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