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One Way To Classify Government Actions

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Governments actions can be classified by

—  The Smart Choice

—  The Popular Choice

—  The Politicians Choice


The Smart Choice is the one guided by intelligence and experience.

The Popular Choice is what the people want.  This is the same as children wanting candy, cookies and ice cream for every meal;  makes them happy but very bad for their health.  The difference is that in a democracy everybody has to have the same meal.  Everyone is affected by the choice.

The Politicians Choice is what the politicians want.  This is what benefits them and who cares about anything or anyone else.

Most choices made by government are The Politicians Choice which is sometimes influenced by The Popular Choice.

This is NOT good/beneficial for the nation.

The people are selfish and stupid, wanting things that are not good for themselves or the nation.  There are some citizens that are neither selfish or stupid; they do not care and as such are not involved in the political process.

The politicians are incompetent and/or corrupt.

The above two facts are a major reason The United States is going down hill faster and faster every day.



The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

October 16, 2014 at 6:07 pm

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