Looking for Members to Restore America to the Values of the Founding Fathers

Wrongs In America

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Here are a few facts we know.

#1: The constitution does not protect landownership of citizens regardless of citizenship. Any local government can take land by eminent domain for economic development.
#2: Children have been shot in school.
#3: Schools require metal detectors.
#4: The police force has used a “no knock” search warrant to break down a door and then shoot an innocent 80+ year old resident 50 times.
#5: We worry about being sued if someone spills hot coffee on themselves. By the way our coffee is hot here.
#6: Doctors have to shut down their practices because of malpractice insurance costs.
#7: Parents are at risk of having their child diagnosed as having ADD and being forced to give them Ritalin.

This is the nation YOU live in.

Citizens have let the fringe, the wackos and the brainless use the politicians to hijack the nation.

Where are the American values of our forefathers?

Oh well, it will not affect our lives; but see what it will do to yours.



Written by solutions777

May 19, 2013 at 7:30 pm

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