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Most people believe that anyone that lives in or is from the United States is an American.  WRONG!  Many of the people that live in the United States are NOT Real Americans.  They do NOT have the values of Americans(this means they are NOT Real Americans).

For the rest of this post; American(s) will be used to designate Real American(s).

American values are based upon fairness to ALL.  This means that the results are not to be manipulated.  Basic example:  children are playing and Suzy always wins.  As long as she is not cheating; then that is it, do not change the rules or help any of the other children.  It is a fact of life; people do not have equal abilities, so some people will lose out.  The results may not be nice, but to help someone or some group means to steal from someone else or from another group.  And this is EVIL.  And once it starts, it never ends;  first this group is helped, then that group is helped, and finally almost everybody is being helped.  But to help these groups, another group has to pay the price.  The only way to keep helping more and more groups is through CORRUPTION and even more CORRUPTION.

For society, people and nations to evolve and grow, there must be standards, rule of law, and fairness for ALL.

The laws must protect everybody EQUALLY; this does NOT mean economic equality.

This is the backbone of making anything GREAT.

And, yes, some will lose out; this is a fact of nature.

To override nature means totally destroying everything good in the world.

Another though on “America”:

“On August 10, 1948, at a homecoming on his 74th birthday at West Branch, Iowa, his birthplace, former President Herbert Hoover gave as good an answer as we are likely to get:

“The meaning of our word ‘America’ flows from one pure source. Within the soul of America is freedom of mind and spirit in man. Here alone are the open windows through which pour the sunlight of the human spirit. Here alone is human dignity not a dream, but an accomplishment. Perhaps it is not perfect, but it is more full in realization here than any other place in the world.””



The facts no one wants to read.

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December 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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