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Major Party Constituents

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Lets start with a quote:

“Being rather elitist, conservative intellectuals gain comfort knowing that the GOP base consists of solid, virtuous, middle class folk whom the liberal media like to disparagingly label ‘rural Americans, regular churchgoers, married families and gun owners.’ Though compared to the Democratic Party base – union laborers, local government bureaucrats, and welfare recipients – the GOP base does seem positively enlightened.”

–Christopher Orlet, November 11, 2004

If this was totally true, then the GOP base would be true Americans while the DEM base would be total losers.  The DEM base also includes many special interest groups wanting extra and special benefits at the expense of the majority of Americans, and elitist individuals who hate their own kind.  The GOP base also includes many businessmen, whether public executives or small business owners.

From the above, all Americans should vote strict GOP.

But there is a glitch in this.  The politicians of each major party do not truly represent their constituents; the Republicans more so than the Democrats.  Democratic politicians buy votes by giving their constituents what they want at the expense of the majority of Americans.  The Republicans talk a good game but do not delivery anything to most of their constituents.

But all of this is of little importance when in context with the most important fact:  with a handful of exceptions, all politicians are TOTALLY incompetent.

This means that most of what either party does is harmful to the citizens.

The voters are totally responsible for this.  The voters continue to vote for the same idiots over and over again.

It is past time for the voters to change the way they vote, vote for individuals with ability.  Follow NEW POLITICAL PARTY today.


The facts no one wants to read.

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Written by solutions777

August 15, 2012 at 11:44 pm

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